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Jackie McLean

Jackie lives in Glasgow and has a varied background, including being a government economist, a political lobbyist, and running a pet shop in Glasgow’s Southside (ask her anything about pets). She currently works with East Ayrshire Council, where until recently her job involved frequent visits to Kilmarnock Prison.

  • Toxic is her first crime novel, introducing DI Donna Davenport, and was shortlisted in the Yeovil Literary Prize before publication by ThunderPoint Publishing Ltd. 
  • The sequel, Shadows, was published in October 2017, and
  • Her third book in the DI Davenport series (Run) was published in October 2019.

She’s currently working on a new series, featuring DI Morgan O’Malley and a specialist Vigilante Crimes Unit set in Glasgow.

She was one of Bloody Scotland’s 2019 Crime in the Spotlight authors, has appeared at various crime writing festivals and Noir at the Bar events. She also forms part of the Dangerous Dames and Murder & Mayhem along with a number of other crime writers, and has appeared at events in libraries and bookstores across Scotland as part of these.

Until recently, she ran the writing group at Waterstones Braehead, and also ran creative writing sessions with the men in Kilmarnock Prison. She puts out a monthly newsletter on new crime fiction releases and events – let her know any time you have news to share.

She likes to chat, and you can find her on Twitter at @JackieJamxx

You can find her blog and newsletter here

and find out more about Jackie, as well as buy her books, at Amazon

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