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Derek Farrell

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Derek Farrell is the author of five Danny Bird Mysteries – ‘Death of a Diva’Death of a Nobody,’ ‘Death of a Devil,’ ‘Death of an Angel’ and the novella ‘Death of a Sinner’- all published by Fahrenheit Press.

The books are contemporary crime novels centering around a grimy pub in South London, it’s staff and regulars, and focusing on the investigative endeavours of the Pub’s nominal landlord and his aristocratic best friend.

They’ve been described, by Neil Broadfoot, as having “Heart, humour and enough twists to give you whiplash,” by Chris McCrudden as “Like M.C. Beaton on MDMA,” and – by no less an expert than Monty Python’s Eric Idle – as “Quite Fun.”

He’s currently putting the finishing touches to the next Danny Bird Mystery.

Derek is married and lives with his husband in West Sussex. They have no cats dogs goats or children, though they do have every Kylie Minogue record ever recorded. Twice.

Social Media

Derek can be reached on twitter @derekifarrell

or via his website


Derek’s books can be purchased directly from the publisher or from Amazon

Death of a Diva – Derek Farrell
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