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Simon Bewick

Simon is one half of Bay Tales and Virtual Noir at the Bar, where he tends to take care of the techie stuff.

He lives by the sea – opposite a bay, in fact, in the North East of England, after being away from home for around 30 years.

As well as editing the NHS Charities fund raising collection Noir from the Bar – consisting of 30 stories donated by speakers at the online event, Simon has had stories published in over 30 online and print collections around the world, including Somewhere Down the River, his first story published which received an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror and Fantasy of the Year.

You can visit his website where you’ll find the archived editions of pretty much all the Virtual Noir shows, as well as his own fiction, movie and book reviews.


You Could Make a Killing
Cellar Stories
Basement Tales
Noir from the Bar
Off Script

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