‘Cruel Acts’ – Jane Casey

Review by Roxie Key

Cruel Acts Book Cover
Cruel Acts – Jane Casey

They said he was a serial killer… but now they’ve set him free.

Cruel Acts is the 8th book in Jane Casey’s DS Maeve Kerrigan series, which follows the feisty and driven Maeve Kerrigan through her career in the Met Police alongside her partner, DI Josh Derwent. Their working relationship is a turbulent whirlwind of friendship, annoyance, affection, jealousy, protectiveness and banter. 
Cruel Acts follows Mauve and Derwent as they investigate Leo Stone, a man who is one of two things: a cold-blooded murderer, or a victim of a miscarriage of justice. Stone was convicted of murdering two young women, but when it comes to light certain rules weren’t followed during the initial investigation and trial, Maeve and Derwent rip apart the original investigation and start from scratch, leaving no stone unturned.
Just when you think you know the answer, Jane swiftly serves you off-course and sends you hurtling in the opposite direction. The cast of believable, leap-off-the-page characters bring the story to life and stay with you for months after putting the book down. The writing is delightfully sharp, deliciously entertaining, and utterly devourable.
I won’t reveal much about the plot itself because I want you to experience the twists and turns for yourself. I want your heart to pound like it wants to escape your chest. I want you to lose hours of sleep because ‘one more chapter’ turned into twenty. I’m not surprised it made it to the Sunday Times top 10.

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