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Peter James is, among many other things, the creator of Brighton-based Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. He has won over 40 awards for his work, including being named as the Best Crime Writer of All Time in WH Smith’s 2015 reader’s poll and the prestigious Crime Writers’ Association Diamond Dagger.

His work has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, been translated into 37 languages and he has featured as Sunday Times number one bestselling author seventeen times consecutively (to date).

He has served two consecutive terms as chairman of the Crime Writers’ Association, as well as being the programming chair of the Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in 2016.

Peter hosts The Author’s Studio – a free online You Tube channel where he interviews fellow authors about their work and offering advice for would-be/ up-and-coming authors.

His work has been adapted into plays, films and TV series – his Roy Grace series, starring John Simm is due to hit TV screens in 2021.  

In addition to his writing, Peter is a BFI member and received a BAFTA nomination for his executive production duties on The Merchant of Venice.

Peter was our featured guest on our first Bay Tales Live (if you’re a Friends of the Bay member, you can see the show here)


Peter’s Roy Grace Novels, at the time of writing, in chronological order:

Dead Simple (2005), Looking Good Dead (2006), Not Dead Enough (2007), Dead Man’s Footsteps (2008), Dead Tomorrow (2009), Dead Like You (2010), Dead Man’s Grip (2011), Not Dead Yet (2012), Dead Man’s Time (2013), Want You Dead (2014), You Are Dead (2015), Love You Dead (2016), Need You Dead (2017), Dead If You Don’t (2018), Dead At First Sight (2019) and Find Them Dead (2020)

His other works include:

Dead Letter Drop (1981), Atom Bomb Angel (1982), Billionaire (1983), Travelling Man (1984), Biggles: The Untold Story (1986), Possession (1988), Dreamer (1989), Sweet Heart (1990), Twilight (1991), Prophecy (1992), Host (1993), Alchemist (1996), Getting Wired (1996), The Truth (1997), Denial (1998), Faith (2000), The Perfect Murder (2010) (novella), Perfect People (2011), A Twist of the Knife (2014) , The House on Cold Hill (2015), Absolute Proof (2018), The Secret of Cold Hill (2019) and I Follow You (2020)

You can find a full list of Peter’s books on his website

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