Gavin Dimmock Profile

Gavin is an adopted Yorkshireman. He has a lovely wife, three daft Mini-Schnauzer mutts and a soon-to-be-wed daughter. Daughter No 1 would have been married by now but, you know, Covid-19 put paid to September’s plans.

After spending the past 36 years arranging words onto signs, vehicles and far too many graphic design projects, Gavin is now trying to coax the tricky rascals into some semblance of order in his first novel. That work-in-progress, “The Kerning”, was a winner of 2018’s Bradford Literature Festival “Northern Noir”. It was also nominated for Capital Crime’s “New Voices” award in 2019. Gavin really must finish writing that novel soon. If only he had the benefit of an enforced period of stay-at-homeness to allow him the time.

Most recently his short story, “A Lame Joke”, inspired by the tales in Vic and Simon’s “Noir From The Bar” collection, won Writing Magazine’s “twist” competition and was published in the December 2020 issue.

You can read Gavin’s exclusive short story for us here.

On some Tuesdays, Gavin posts Rubbish Poems (content and quality) about his refuse collectors and their charge, The Beast. These can be read, but only if you have exhausted the entire interweb or have a fondness for bin-related bad poems, at

Gavin also tweets – far too often – and has a penchant for using Muppet themed GIFs. @Gavin_Dimmock

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