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Hello. I’m Paul Waters. I’m the author of Blackwatertown, published in print and ebook by Unbound, and in audiobook by WF Howes. The legendary Frederick Forsyth described it as “extremely intriguing with intricate twists and turns.”
Here’s the gist of the story: When maverick police sergeant Jolly Macken is banished to the sleepy 1950s Irish border village of Blackwatertown, he vows to find the killer of his brother – even if the murderer is inside the police. But a lot can happen in a week. Over seven days Macken falls in love, uncovers dark family secrets, accidentally starts a war and is hailed a hero and branded a traitor. When Blackwatertown explodes into violence, who can he trust? And is betrayal the only way to survive?

I’m also the co-presenter of the books and authors podcast We’d Like A Word, which features bestselling and new writers, poets and publishing insiders from the UK, Ireland and around the world. You’ll find it wherever you get your podcasts. The website is here

I grew up in Belfast and went on to report and produce for BBC TV and radio news, arts and current affairs. I still make radio programmes. My claim to fame is making Pelé his dinner. But along the way I’ve covered elections in the USA, created an alternative G8 Summit in a South African township, gone undercover in Zimbabwe, conducted football crowds, reported from Swiss drug shooting-up rooms, smuggled a satellite dish into Cuba to produce the first BBC live programmes from the island and oversaw the World Service’s first live coverage of the 9/11 attacks on America.

Like many writers I’ve turned my hand to a variety of jobs. I taught in Poland, drove a cab in England, busked in Wales, was a night club cook in New York, designed computer systems in Dublin, presented podcasts for Germans and organised music festivals for beer drinkers.
I have two children and live now in Buckinghamshire near where John Milton wrote Paradise Lost. (You should visit his cottage and soak in the atmosphere of his writing room and the rest of his house – Milton’s Cottage museum It has a lovely garden too.)


Blackwatertown – Paul Waters

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