Virtual Noir at the Bar Halloween Special

After we’d finished our regular weekly shows we got lots of requests for a return and we couldn’t let Halloween go by without a special show. And what a line up we had for the show – Ramsey Campbell, CJ Tudor, Max Seeck, Matt Wesolowski, Alison Belsham, Vanessa Savage, Laura Purcell, Suzy Aspley, Ian Skewis, CJ Cooper and Ian Rankin.

The show was so full of spooky goodness we had to split it into three parts…

Part 1: CJ Tudor, Max Seeck, Vanessa Savage, Ian Rankin

Part 2: Ramsey Campbell, Suzy Aspley, Ian Skewis, CJ Cooper

Part 3: Alison Belsham, Catriona Ward, Laura Purcell, Matt Wesolowski

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