Bay Tales Live Archives

This is where you can find our 2021 shows. Just click on any of the images below to find the session recording. We’ll be adding new shows throughout the year so be sure to keep coming back!

Main interview: Simon Beckett and Catherine Steadman

Book Review: Dan Stubbings

Author Readings: Emily Edwards

Our First Bay Tales/ Virtual Noir at the Bar Crossover featuring Amen Alonge, Amy McCulloch, Vaseem Khan, Lesley Kara, Gytha Lodge, Russ Thomas, Howard Linskey, Trevor Wood, Nikki May.

Main interview: Olivia Kiernan and James Delargy

Book Review: James Routledge

Author Readings: Joanne Harris & Steve Cavanagh

Main interview: MJ Arlidge and Helene Flood

Book Review: DV Bishop

Author Reading: Chris McDonald

Main interview: Martin Edwards

Book Review: Sharon Bairden

Author Reading: Martin Walker

Bonus Author Reading: Derek Farrell

Main interview: SJ Watson and Anna Bailey

Book Review: Noelle Holten

Author Reading: Lia Middleton

Main interview: Lesley Kara, Lauren North and Rob Parker

Book Review: Linda Hill

Author Reading: Cate Quinn

Main interview: Ann Cleeves and Cath Staincliffe

Book Review: Alex Hawley

Author Reading: Stephanie Wrobel

Main interview: Steve Cavanagh, Neil Broadfoot and Tony Hutchinson

Book Review: Chris McDonald

Author Reading: Russ Thomas

Main interview: Peter James

Book Review: Roxie Key

Author Reading: Eve Smith