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Main interview: Simon Beckett and Catherine Steadman

Book Review: Dan Stubbings

Author Readings: Emily Edwards

Our First Bay Tales/ Virtual Noir at the Bar Crossover featuring Amen Alonge, Amy McCulloch, Vaseem Khan, Lesley Kara, Gytha Lodge, Russ Thomas, Howard Linskey, Trevor Wood, Nikki May.

Main interview: Olivia Kiernan and James Delargy

Book Review: James Routledge

Author Readings: Joanne Harris & Steve Cavanagh

Main interview: MJ Arlidge and Helene Flood

Book Review: DV Bishop

Author Reading: Chris McDonald

Main interview: Martin Edwards

Book Review: Sharon Bairden

Author Reading: Martin Walker

Bonus Author Reading: Derek Farrell

Main interview: SJ Watson and Anna Bailey

Book Review: Noelle Holten

Author Reading: Lia Middleton

Main interview: Lesley Kara, Lauren North and Rob Parker

Book Review: Linda Hill

Author Reading: Cate Quinn

Main interview: Ann Cleeves and Cath Staincliffe

Book Review: Alex Hawley

Author Reading: Stephanie Wrobel

Main interview: Steve Cavanagh, Neil Broadfoot and Tony Hutchinson

Book Review: Chris McDonald

Author Reading: Russ Thomas

Main interview: Peter James

Book Review: Roxie Key

Author Reading: Eve Smith

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