Virtual Noir at the Bar Archive

From the beginning of April until the End of August 2020 we ran a weekly show every Wednesday.

The format was simple: (Normally) 10 authors reading extracts of up to 10 minutes from their work. As the weeks went on we featured quizzes, competitions and had some great musical guests including Martin Stephenson, Lloyd Cole, Nils Lofgren, The Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Josh Ritter, The Hold Steady and many more.

Unfortunately, due to copyright agreements we can’t include them in the recordings, although you may find the occasional track from crooner supreme Jason Isaacs in the shows below.

These are all the shows we have – the first ever show wasn’t recorded and the second show’s recording corrupted. So here they are – all the regular shows, plus a couple of specials.



AA Chaudhuri, Abir Mukherjee, Awais Khan, Amen Alonge, Trevor Wood, Russ Thomas, SJ Watson, Victoria Silverman, Neil Lancaster, Eve Smith and Jack Jordan

Click on the image to view.

Catherine Cooper, Gytha Lodge, Hayley Webster, Emma Christie, Danny Marshall, Nell Pattison, Derek Farrell , Trevor Wood , Allie Reynolds, Andrew Cotto, Louise Mangos and Gregg Hurwitz. Click on the image to view.

Ramsey Campbell, CJ Tudor, Max Seeck, Matt Wesolowski, Alison Belsham, Vanessa Savage, Laura Purcell, Suzy Aspley, Ian Skewis, CJ Cooper and Ian Rankin.Click on the image to view.

VNatB on tour! Helping out our friends at Lyme Crime: Amanda Jennings, Neil Broadfoot, Leye Adenle, Marnie Riches, Simon Bewick, Paddy Magrane, Derek Farrell, Helen Fields, Rob Parker and Ed James. Click on the image to view.


CD Major, Kate Medina, Rachel Ward, Stu Turton, Emma Curtis, Kia Abdullah, Lauren North, Chris Lloyd and Karen Hamilton. Click on the image to view.

Rhiannon Ward, Lin Anderson, Jack Jordan,
Ian Skewis, Araminta Hall, Kate Reed Petty, Harriet Tyce, Stuart McLean, Luke Kuhnes and, as a last-minute replacement, the artist known as Polly Filliere (aka Simon Bewick). Click on the image to view.

Brian Stewart, Tom Benjamin, Sandra Ireland, Caroline England, Kate Helm, Rachel Bennett, Abbie Osborne, DA Minishi, Paul Finch and our wild card reader, Paul Davidson. Click on the image to view.

SJ Watson, Vanda Simon, Joseph Knox, Helen Fields, Laure Van Rensburg, Rebecca Fleet, SE Moorhead, Anita Frank, Bogdan Teodorescu and Alex Hawley (featuring Rob Parker). Click on the image to view.

Olivia Kiernan, Susan Allott, James Ellson, GJ Minett, Tana Collins, Bogdan Hrib, Victoria Selman, Simon Toyne and Dorothy Koomson. Click on the image to view.

Jonathan Whitelaw, Isabelle Grey, Awais Khan, Samantha Lee Howe, M Sean Coleman, TM Logan, Marianne Kavanagh, Douglas Skelton, Dan Smith and Lisa Hall. Click on the image to view.

Amanda Jennings, Elle Croft, Egan Hughes, Rachel Sargeant, Chris McGeorge, Jane Roberts-Morpeth, Rachel Abbott, Jennifer Harvey, Tammy Cohen and Sharon Bolton. Click on the image to view.

Caroline Mitchell, Charlotte Levin, Fiona Veitch Smith, Gail Williams, DC Smith, Jessica Moor, Andrew Michael Hurley, Russ Thomas and Joe Lansdale. Click on the image to view.

Adam Hamdy, Elizabeth Haynes, Anna Mazzola, Cara Hunter, Kate Hamer, Louise Candlish, Nikki Smith, Roxie Key, Elly Griffiths and Amanda Robson. Click on the image to view.

Cath Staincliffe, Elizabeth Kay, Jenny Blackhurst, Laura Shepherd-Robinson, Liz ugent, Margaret Murphy, Mark Leggatt, MJ Arlidge, Ruth Ware, Stephanie Wrobel and Lawrence Block. Click on the image to view.

Neil Lancaster, Kate Simants, Caz Frear, Rowan Coleman, Mick Finlay, William Shaw, Henrietta McKervey, Morgan Cry, Katerina Diamond and very special guest, Linwood Barclay. Click on the image to view.

Christie Newport, Nina Manning, Holly Watt, Emily Koch, Andrea Carter, Daisy Waugh, Mason Cross, Gareth Rubin, Robin Morgan-Bentley and MW Craven. Click on the image to view.

Dave Sivers, Theresa Talbot, Holly Seddon, Vic Watson, Jean Rafferty, Gillian McAllister, Chris McDonald, Danny Marshall, Lizzy Barber and Phoebe Locke. Click on the image to view.

Adele Parks, Jane Corry, Ali Land, Rachael Blok, Sam Carrington, Katie Lowe, Lesley Kara, Vaseem Khan, Peter Rosovsky, Fiona Cummins. Click on the image to view.

S E Lynes, Louise Beech, Noelle Holten, Julia Crouch, M.M. Chouinard, Nicola Martin, Chris Ewan, Darren O’Sullivan, Amer Anwar and Ragnar Jonasson.Click on the image to view.

Ann Cleeves, Nick Quantrill, Elizabeth Drabble, Claire McGowan, Phoebe Morgan, Mel McGrath, Kate Rhodes, Sarah Hilary, Mary Paulson-Ellis, Sarah Vaughan Click on the image to view

Michael Nath, Tony Kent, Quentin Bates, AM Peacock, CJ Cooke, Bea Davenport, Alison Bruce, Craig Robertson, CL Taylor, Susi Holliday Click on the image to view.

Alan Jones, Kirsten McKenzie, Derek Farrell, Roz Watkins, Zoe Sharp, Karen Murdarasi, Lesley Kelly, Rob Scragg, Lucy Atkins, Ashley Erwin. Click on the image to view.

Suzy Aspley, Simon Bewick, Alex Caan, Caroline Dunford, Emma Flint, Sarah Jeffery, Heleen Kist, Isaac Parker, Nic Parker, and Sara Sheridan. Click on the image to view.

Louise Mangos, Effie Merryl, Danny Marshall, Neil Broadfoot, Rob Parker, Martyn Taylor, Trevor Wood, Eve Smith, Gytha Lodge, Chris Merritt Click on the image to view.

Unfortunately, episodes 1 and 2 of Virtual Noir at the Bar do not exist in video format.