‘Getting the Facts Write’

Tony Hutchinson – Author of the Dark Tides series

Tony Hutchinson is a retired Detective Superintendent who was involved in over 40 murder investigations throughout his career.

Now the author of the Dark Tides thrillers, Tony joined us on Bay Tales Live #2 along with Steve Cavanagh (an ex-lawyer) and Neil Broadfoot (in his pre-writing career a journalist) and the three talked about how their previous careers have affected their writing.

Tony’s comments on what factual details crime fiction novels and TV programmes get wrong proved to be of particular interest.

So if you’re looking to ‘write right’ or just a reader wondering how accurate your favourite books are, here are three short videos from Tony pointing out some common mistakes.

Dispelling the Myths: Forensic Suits
Dispelling the Myths: Police Interviewing
Dispelling the Myths: Time of Death

If you like what you see let us know via our contact page. You can send us an email with the subject line ‘Crime Questions’ and we’ll see if we can persuade Tony to give us some more ‘inside views’.

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