Watching from the Dark – Gytha Lodge

Reviewed by Keith Young

You saw it happen.

 You said nothing.

 Who would trust you now?

My first book by Gytha Lodge and I was certainly not disappointed. Without giving any spoilers away…

The novel starts with a man; Aidan Poole, logging onto his laptop for a late night video call with his girlfriend, Zoe. We’re all getting used to online video calls during the last year (and no, this isn’t a Covid-set tale, don’t worry!) but this is a nightmare scenario: seeing that the person you’re calling is not alone; that there’s a stranger in their house and they’re not aware of it. All Aidan can do is watch…and, more specifically, listen to the sounds of a struggle and then…nothing.

What’s happened to Zoe?

And why doesn’t he call the police immediately?

Questions that DCI Jonah Sheens and his team must consider when they finally get involved in the case.

I saw Gytha reading from the opening of this book at an episode of Virtual Noir at the Bar last year and the book lived up to the intriguing open.

From the impressive DC Hanson who takes a leading role in the Investigations (and who deserves to be promoted!) to the range of featured characters in the story – making up a collective mix of clever, devious, pushy and quiet, it all adds up to a good, exciting story.

The plot is intriguing: is it a murder, or is it suicide?

If it is a murder, there are probably 8 or 10 potential candidates to be the murderer and from starting to read until very nearly the end we’re given a whole range of possibilities.

Some great writing and sub plots to keep the reader intrigued, this was a very hard down book down before it finishes.

I will certainly be reading more of her books.

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