Heaven Sent

Heleen Kist

Something different for Bay Tales this week – our first ever poem. Courtesy of Heleen Kist.

Heaven Sent

I once dreamt of forgiveness

The burden lifted high

Her hand held out in offer

My inner, peaceful sigh

I dreamt that it was granted

Quick aft my deed was done

No time for guilt to settle

No dark thoughts to outrun

The dream was clear and vidid

A visceral event

I knew then that my darling

Was truly heaven sent

Who knows what dreams are made of

If they are true by day

A glimpse of what’s to follow

Or visions tasked to sway

These fruits of my subconscious

I know that they’re not true

They’re just my way of coping

With what I’m going to do

Pretending she’s on board with

The carnage that’s to come

My knife slicing her open

Her bloody guts undone.

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