Tote Bag Opportunity – Bay Tales 2023

Get copies of your book included in the Bay Tales Tote Bag distributed at the Bay Tales Live 2023 show in Whitley Bay this March.

Part of our aim – during our Virtual Noir at the Bar shows, our online Bay Tales events and our physical event has always been to introduce readers to as many new authors as we can.

This year at Bay Tales Live we’ll be hosting a special one-off ‘Noir at the Bay‘ on Friday 3rd March, featuring ten authors reading from their work and free to attend to anyone who has bought a ticket for the main event and pre-registers for this.

On the big day itself we’ll be selling* Tote Bags from our merchandise stand and for the first time we’re opening up the opportunity to have books included to individual authors.

How much does it cost to include books?

No charge. If you post them to us, we’ll pack them and give them out and do what we can to tell everyone coming about them.

What else do I get for giving you my books?

We’ll include screens within our introduction and lunchtime presentations showing group shots of all books featured in our tote bags.

If you’ve got point of sale promotional items, we’ll put them on our merchandise stand for attendees to take (terms and conditions apply, our general rule of thumb is 10 pieces of promo for each book but email us for detail at )

We’ll encourage all tote bag recipients to tell the world what they’re reading and how much they’re enjoying it on their social media platform of choice. They certainly didn’t need much encouragement to do so after last year’s show!

How many books do I have to send?

It’s up to you – we recognise not everyone has budget spend of (insert multimillionaire author name here) and that not everyone gets a huge stock pile of ARCs from their publisher. If you only want to send, say, five copies, that’s good with us. If you want to send more – go for it.

Does it have to be a new book?

We’re looking to introduce people to new fiction. We’d hate for someone to get a tote bag and find they’ve already read everything in it, so we’re saying nothing older than 2022, but preferably new or forthcoming.

I give you the books free and you sell the bags, right? Nice con…

Yes, we said selling – but we’re charging as small a price as possible. And yes, we know some festivals give tote bags to tickets holders for free. But, they tend to charge much more than our £35 (plus booking fee) ticket price

The charge is to cover:

  • design, print and production of the tote bags
  • a small payment to the Bay Tales Baggers who put these bags together.
  • payment to venue for merchandise costs
  • help towards cost of Noir at the Bay free fringe venue costs

OK, I’m in. What do I have to do?

Email us at and let us know

  • the title of the book(s) you’d like to include
  • the quantity you’d like to include
  • any promo items you’d like to include (NB we cannot accept promo items alone)

And we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

E-mail Hours Contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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