77 North – DL Marshall

John Tyler – an agent the world believes is dead – has gone rogue, chasing down those responsible for killing his brother. Tyler’s lured back by the CIA for one final mission to wipe the slate clean.

The mission should be simple for a man like Tyler: travel to an old Soviet-era hotel on an ice-locked island in the frozen wastes of Siberia to obtain information from a Russian scientist about a double agent within NATO. However, Tyler finds himself experiencing some strange things relating to the hotel’s horrifying past and the KGB’s former experiments into psychic phenomena.

As a killer hunts his prey throughout the hotel’s decaying corridors, Tyler must keep the scientist safe – despite the fact that the killer is apparently able to kill through concrete walls and sealed doors. As Tyler gets closer to the truth, his past creeps ever closer to him – with startling revelations.

If you’ve read Marshall’s previous books (and if you haven’t, rectify that immediately), you’ll know to expect car chases and shootouts with a sprinkling of the paranormal alongside well-drawn, interesting characters. ’77 North’ is no exception.

Although I don’t tend to read action thrillers, I make an exception for DL Marshall because his mysteries are so bloody clever. I found myself holding my breath during the tense set pieces.

The final book in the John Tyler trilogy is utterly captivating, combining a current-day mystery with Tyler’s backstory. The reader is taken from America to Central Africa, Siberia and Europe with excellent descriptions. Marshall conjures the atmosphere of Central Africa brilliantly, evoking the oppressive heat and using it to great effect.

’77 North’ is an intelligent, pacy read that features characters that are fleshed out in a way you don’t often see in action-led novels. Absolutely pitch perfect.


77 North by DL Marshall is available now in Paperback, Kindle and on Audio from Canelo Action.

Vic Watson, Sept 2023.

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