Unsolved by Heather Critchlow

Cal Lovett is obsessed with finding justice for the families of missing people. His true crime podcast is his way of helping others, despite being unable to help himself.

His sister, Margot, disappeared when he was a child. One man claims to know something. But that man is a convicted killer and can’t be trusted.

When the family of a missing Scottish woman begs for Cal’s help, he heads to Aberdeenshire in search of the truth in spite of the pressure it puts on his own family.

Can Cal unearth the secrets hiding in the hills? What if he finds something that leads him back to his own family’s past?

I was pulled into this novel from the outset. The pacy prologue gripped me to the extent that I couldn’t stop thinking about it long after I’d finished the book.

The characters are so well-drawn that I empathised with them and the torture of not knowing what happened to their loved ones. Critchlow weaves the story of the missing girl in Aberdeenshire into Cal’s backstory impeccably with switches between past and present appearing completely natural.

I really cared about the characters in this novel and was totally enthralled throughout. I can’t wait for Heather Critchlow’s next novel.

‘Unsolved’ is available now in E-book, Paperback and Audio from Canelo Crime.

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