About Bay Tales

Bay Tales: Founded 2020

The Bay Tales Team

Simon Bewick

I’ve worked in publishing for more than three decades – including more than 25 years with Oxford University Press. I moved back to my native North East in 2019, where I have been working with a range of companies offering marketing consultancy services. When lockdown started I came on board with Vic to help transform her long-running Noir at the Bar into an online show. We formed Bay Tales to provide support for publishers in their promotional activity as well as running our own online and physical events.

Vic Watson

I run my own proofreading, copy-editing and Creative Writing business. I am an award-winning writer with a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I started running Noir at the Bar (Newcastle Chapter) in 2016, and has hosted over 220 authors from around the world during the 22 week run of Virtual Noir at the Bar.

Marketing and Editing Services

We have provided marketing services for a wide range of authors and publishers.

You can see what they thought of us on our Testimonials page

Whether you’re a publisher or an author we can help.

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