Back in November when we started Bay Tales, we aimed to offer great live events and fantastic exclusive material. That’s still our intention, and we think we’ve done a pretty good job so far.

But as of April, 2021, we’ve decided to make a major change.

Our plan was to have a premium area with exclusive content. We thank all of you who subscribed – your support has meant the world to us.

But we know times are tough. So we’ve decided to take down our pay walls and make everything free. Exclusive fiction, non-fiction and our entire library of VNatB & Bay Tales shows.

All free.

We aim to provide a professional service. That does not come free…it doesn’t even come cheap. Every month, we have to pay:

  • Zoom costs – we pay premium to offer quality & safety.
  • Email costs – to keep everyone up to date .
  • Web costs – design, hosting and collateral.
  • Postage and Packing -for all those free books & prizes
  • Promotion and Publicity – to tell you what we’re doing

So, if you CAN make a donation of any size please click on the little green icon around our site (there’s one on this page) or click the image below. Any donations help us continue to keep bringing you the best in all things crime and mystery related.

Thank you.

The Bay Tales team.

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