You’re the team who brought us Virtual Noir at the Bar. How is Bay Tales different?

We are indeed the VNatB bar buddies. We loved doing it and we’ve taken all the good stuff we learned there and used it to offer something we think is going to be even better.

Whereas VNatB was a chance for authors to read short extracts from their work to a live audience, we’re looking to do a whole lot more with Bay Tales. We’re talking online events, physical events (when we’re allowed to do so), and a real, honest-to-goodness website featuring a ton of stuff. We’ve got so much stuff we’re hoping to do with Bay Tales we can hardly wait to tell you every last detail … but we’re good at keeping secrets, so we’ll just have to try.

Think bigger, better, broader.

Are you just about crime fiction?

What do you mean ‘just’? It’s a big world of crime out there – from cozy to hard-boiled, historical to future, and a whole lot in between.

But no – we’re not just about crime, how ever broad you paint it. We’re going to start off that way, because it’s what we know and do best – but the sky’s the limit. And we’re future-proofing ourselves to make sure we bring you what you want.

What services do you provide?

Did we mention we’ve got big plans? We have. A ton of fun. Stuff you wouldn’t believe … but to start with we’re looking at two basic areas:

Is all this free?

The simple answer?


The longer answer?

We’re aiming to provide a highly professional offering and that takes time and money.

We’re aiming to make all events free.

We have, as of April 2021 made all of our onsite material – fiction, non-fiction, reviews and recordings free.

There is no obligation to donate to Bay Tales, but everything we do has a cost to us – platform fees, email costs, hosting, development, and the effort which goes into creating everything.

We know times are tough – hence our decision to move from premium content to making it all free. But if you CAN make a donation – no matter how small, we really appreciate it.

You can use the KoFi button you’ll see appearing at various points around the site to make any size donation, and we’ll love you for it.

Are you on social media?

We sure are – just click on one of those little social media icons we’ve got dotted around the site to follow us on Twitter (@bay_tales), Instagram (@bay_tales) or Facebook (@baytales). In fact we’d encourage it: as well as our frankly hilarious posts, it’s where we’ll be posting updates about new content on our site and live events.

Isn’t this all a bit too good to be true?

You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But we’re modest types and say that’s just the way we roll.


How can I contact you with PR enquiries?

We LOVE PR. Just visit our Contact page and send us a message – please mark PR Enquiry in the subject line.

I’m an author, how do I get involved?

YAY! We’re always keen to work with new authors – whether that’s new to Bay Tales or new to writing: we’re not just about international superstars (but you’re more than welcome if you are); we’re dedicated to supporting new and aspiring authors as well. Visit our contact page, send us a message and mark Author in the subject line.

Do you pay authors for their work?

Simple answer: no.

Longer answer: well, not in actual money. Yet. Maybe one day when we’re well-established and signing cheques from our yacht. BUT we don’t expect any author to give us stuff for free. We’re writers ourselves and we think that sucks. So, here’s what we do. Any author who appears at an event, or has a story/ non-fiction article published on our site will be given their own entry into our Hall of Fame, their own extended profile page (which we’ll work out with you to include any links). We previously offered a year’s free membership to Friends of the Bay but now that we’ve made all our content free, all we can offer is the opportunity to bring your work – and yourself – to a wider audience. It’s not going to buy you a new house, but it ain’t nuthin’.

I’m a publisher, how can I get one of my authors involved?

Just ask! If you’ve got an author you think would be suitable for Bay Tales – either as an event speaker, or to submit something to our website, then please use the Contact page and enter Publisher Enquiry  in the subject line and include any relevant details.

I’m a publisher/ business/ billionaire who would like to discuss marketing opportunities, what do I do?

Well, unless you’re wanting to tell us we’re being left 10,000,000 zingots in your will if we just pay for the bank charges to transfer it, then use the Contact page and enter Promotion in the subject line – let us know what you’re thinking about and we’ll get back to you with our rate card. And if you’ve got an idea we haven’t thought about, we’re happy to hear it.


The best time ever? Ah, you want specifics? Well, to be honest, much of it will depend on the event in question – whether you’re a reader, a writer, or a book lover in general. But we’ll be offering the same professional events we created for Virtual Noir at the Bar – just more of them, and more varied.

So, there’ll be the chance to interact with the featured speakers, competitions, regular news updates, reviews, and much, much more. It’s going to be pretty unpredictable… in the best possible way.

Will the events be available on demand after they happen? And if so, will they be free?

Yeah, we guess we can do that. Just check out our Recordings section and you’ll find everything we’ve managed to film.

Do I need special software to access your events?

A computer.

The internet.

Other than that … not much.

We will, initially at least, be running our online events using Zoom. If you’re attending a Zoom event for the first time, you may be required to download a file – this takes about five seconds and you don’t have to do anything other than click a button. If you’ve used Zoom before to attend any online event, then you’re good to go!

E-mail baytales20@gmail.com Hours Contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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