This is where you’ll find fiction … whether you’re looking for flash fiction, short stories, samples from forthcoming books, or even the occasional full-length novel, you’re in the right place. Just click on any of the images below to get to the good stuff!

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Read our 2021 Christmas Short Story Winner and Honourable Mentions here!
Gasoline & Matches- a short story by Andrew Cotto
Heaven Sent – a poem by Heleen Kist
Through the Crime Writer’s Looking Glass
– a short story from Brian Stewart
All of a Sudden – an exclusive short story from
Cath Staincliffe

Preview: Prologue & First Two Chapters from Nikki Smith’s new novel Look What You Made Me Do
The ‘You’ Me – a short story from James Burnett
Derry Lodge – a short story from Suzy Aspley
The Ghost of the Girl on the Train – a short story by Helen Fields
Northern Current – a short story by Josephine Greenland
The Heart of Maisie-Rae – a short story by Gavin Dimmock
Resistance – a short story by Eve Smith

The Uninvited Guest – an exclusive short story from Ian Skewis
4 more entries from our Bay Tales Christmas Short Story Competition

Disappointed – a short story by Russ Thomas

Five Candles – an exclusive short story from Simon Bewick
4 more entries from our Bay Tales Christmas Short Story Competition

Louise Mangos’ Winning Christmas Short Story

Night Watch – an exclusive short from Louise Mumford
The Retreat Part 2: an exclusive short from Chris McDonald

One Last Job: A Short Story by Dave Sivers

The Humber Convertible by Olga Wojtas
Such a Long Time Coming by Effie Merryl

Willesden Junction: A Short Story by Luke Deckard

The first 1,000 words of Philippa East’s Safe and Sound
The Opening 3 Chapters from Death of a Diva – Derek Farrell

Driving Home for Christmas – A Short Story by
Roxie Key

3 Flash Fiction Exclusives from Rob Scragg
I Survived! – A Short Story by
Danny Marshall

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