Here at Bay Tales we’ve helped support publishers, festivals, libraries, authors and more. Here’s what some of them have said about us.

Supporting Others…

“I came to Simon and Vic at Bay Tales with an unusual request, to arrange an online memorial event for a journalist friend. Having appeared on Virtual Noir at the Bar and Hull Noir previously, both of which were run expertly by Bay Tales, I had complete confidence that they would be able to help, and this confidence was not misplaced. Through what was a difficult and emotional time for me, they acted sensitively and with consummate professionalism, bringing together disparate recordings, photographs and live readings into an event which was brilliantly edited and presented, without losing any of the personal feel that lay at its heart. I was incredibly impressed with everything they did – if they can make something as difficult and fraught as this work so well, they can do anything. I can’t recommend them more highly.”

– Harriet Tyce, bestselling author of Blood Orange.

“(Simon Bewick of Bay Tales) was instrumental in making a number of online CrimeFest events look highly professional. His expertise, and the time and patience he took to share his knowledge and experience were invaluable and very reassuring. A safe pair of hands that anyone hosting an online event can rely on.”

“Our 2021 festival was incredibly tricky as we transitioned from being a physical event to an online presentation. As a team, we certainly didn’t have the skills to meet the technical requirements, but Simon took stock of what we needed and provided a brilliant digital platform which made the entire process simple and painless for us.”

“Simon enabled us to host our Festival of Words 2020 entirely online. His technical knowledge and his experience of working with authors and publishers ensured that all our events were successful. He really understood the kind of experience that we were aiming to present to our audience and helped us to achieve it.In addition, his outstanding training sessions have given our team the skills and confidence to host online events in the future”

Launches & Shows

We’ve worked with a range of publishers on New Title Launches. Here are just a few of the authors we have worked with comments on us:

Ann Cleeves
Ann Cleeves – author of the Vera and Shetland series.

I love working with the Bay Tales team.  Such a joy to speak to people who are knowledgeable, friendly and tech savvy.  I was so impressed that I asked Vic to do the major interview for the launch of my latest Vera book.

Helen Fields – Author of the DI Callanach series.

The Bay Tales team organised and hosted my book launch for “The Shadow Man“. The event ran seamlessly, Vic and Simon were so well prepared, and it was really well attended…I can’t recommend Bay Tales highly enough for author events. They’re dedicated, reliable, and absolutely user-friendly

Gytha Lodge – Author of the Jonah Sheens series

Bay Tales ran my event with technical know-how and charm alongside perfect organisation. They were so committed to getting me the best result possible and above all made it an experience I really enjoyed!”

SJ Watson – Author of Before I Go To Sleep, Second Life and Final Cut

My events with Bay Tales Live have been happy, relaxed and fun. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend getting involved!

Authors Appearing On Our Shows…

Martin Edwards, CWA Diamond Dagger Recipient – “Bay Tales is a terrific venture: informative, inclusive, and inspirational. A must for crime fans and authors alike”

Liz Nugent, Richard and Judy Club #1 best-selling author – I was delighted to take part in Virtual Noir at the Bar in 2020. I got to hear a lot of my writing heroes read from their latest work and then read from my own. It was expertly produced by Simon Bewick and presented by Vic Watson. A real privilege to be part of it. Thank you!

Eve Smith, author of The Waiting Rooms – Appearing on Virtual Noir at the Bar and Bay Tales Live was so helpful as a debut author, particularly launching during a pandemic, as it gave me an opportunity to connect with readers and other authors, and join a vibrant, supportive community brought together by their love of books.

Lesley Kara, bestselling author of The Rumour and The Dare – I have participated in both Virtual Noir at the Bar and Bay Tales Live eventsas well as being an attendee at panels featuring other authors, and on all occasions I’ve been impressed by the professionalism of Simon Bewick and Vic Watson, not just in terms of their organisation skills, but their technical ability in putting on an accomplished online event

Joe R Lansdale, 11 x Bram Stoker Award WinnerNoir at the Bar is about as close to necessary as it can get. Good stories. Fun folks who might never cross paths without the virtual delight of this service, give us varied tales being read by those who created them. I found the event a delightful experience. More please.

Mason Cross, author the Carter Blake series – I had a great time appearing at Noir at the Bar, and the team worked very hard to make sure everything went smoothly. 

Susie Lynes, best-selling author of The Housewarming – I loved participating in Noir at the Bar. The host, Vic, and panel were all really friendly, and after initially feeling quite nervous, I soon relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the programme from beginning to end!

Karen Hamilton, author of The Perfect Girlfriend – I loved appearing on Virtual Noir at the Bar. It was so professionally run, enormous fun and I loved connecting with authors and readers. Highly recommended!

Matt Wesolowski, author of the Six Stories series – I have appeared at a couple of real (and virtual) Noir at the Bar events, and my experiences have been nothing but positive. Whether it’s a yet unpublished writer, a debut or a veteran of the writing community, the organisers make authors feel welcome and at ease, as they do with their audience. Being asked to do these events is nothing short of a privilege.

Ramsey Campbell, the finest living exponent of the British weird fiction tradition– I had a fine and stimulating time with you folk at Virtual Noir, and look forward to working with you in the future.

Rachel Sargeant, author of The Perfect Neighbours – “Virtual Noir at the Bar was an absolute joy last year. I tuned in to every show either live or as a recording. The shows introduced me to several authors I hadn’t come across before – some big names, some debut authors – and prompted me to read several books that I wouldn’t have otherwise read. I was honoured when Victoria made contact on Twitter and asked me to take part. The behind-the-scenes preparations were friendly and professional. It was great to have a platform to promote my book – not easy for an unknown author during a pandemic. I was sad when the season ended, then very happy when they replaced it with the excellent Bay Tales shows and website.”

Howard Linskey, best selling author of The Drop. – ‘Noir at the Bar is always really well organised, great fun and a fantastic opportunity to interact with large numbers of engaged readers. I can’t wait for the next one.’

Nikki Smith, author All In Her Head – Simon & Vic were consummate professionals when I attended a VNATB event – the technology side of things was handled without a glitch & their author introductions were insightful and informative. Would recommend without hesitation

Trevor Wood, CWA Debut of the Year for Man on the Street – Couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Simon and Vic are two of the most enthusiastic, dedicated and professional supporters of writers and events you will ever find.

Caz Frear, best-selling author of Sweet Little Lies– Virtual Noir at the Bar was a joy to take part in. Relaxed, inclusive, and highly entertaining. Loved the real mix of readings – I followed Linwood Barclay (tough gig!) and was followed by a brand new debut author – there’s truly something for everyone and Simon & Vic clearly have a great network across the great and the good of crime fiction. I felt well-prepped and the event was very well attended (and gained me several new readers!) Highly recommended. 

Cara Hunter, best-selling author of The Whole Truth – “This was one of the most enjoyable events I did in lockdown – a great crowd, on both sides of the mic!”

Derek Farrell, author of the Danny Bird mysteries – As an author, Bay Tales is a perfect place to connect with my existing readers and to showcase my work to new readers. As a reader, I know that every time I’ve been to a BayTales or a VNATB event I have ended up buying books that I’ve found inspiring and the data shows that each time I have read or spoken at a Bay Tales event the visitor numbers on my website, my number of Twitter followers and the level of engagement with my readers has increased.The impact on sales seems obvious. The Bay Tales team are wonderfully supportive, positive and engaged and a presence on the website or at the live events is a brilliant way to build audience engagement and to develop an author’s brand. Highly recommend it!

Catriona Ward, author of The Last House On Needless Street – Simon and Vic organise seamless, fascinating events that delve deep into genre fiction. I’ve found them tireless, resourceful and a pleasure to work with.’ 

Alison Belsham, author of The Tattoo Thief – “As both an audience member and participant in Simon and Vic’s Virtual Noir at the Bar, I can thoroughly recommend their unique blend of professionalism and approachability in staging highly entertaining and informative events. They have a devoted following of engaged and literate readers – just the right audience for book launches and promotions.”

Roz Watkins, author of the DI Meg Dalton series – I’ve been involved with Virtual Noir at the Bar and with the associated anthology, and have always found Vic and Simon fantastic to deal with – professional and reliable but also great fun to be around.

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